World's Safest Vegetable & Fruit Washing Solution.

Patented - FSSAI Licensed.

All vegetables and fruits are sprayed with highly toxic
synthetic insecticides & fungicides of which some are
carcinogenic (cancer causing), highly toxic to human beings.
All vegetables & fruits from farm to the market
place may go through highly unhygienic handling
till they finally reach your home.

Just washing vegetables and fruit
with plain water doesn’t remove pesticide
residues, wax, grime, surface contaminants.

Like you cannot wash your hands / body with
only water but you require soap
to convert the dirt, oil, grime, wax on your
body into water soluble form,
similarly you cannot wash away all the insecticide
residue, wax, fungus, oil, dirt, grime on
the surface of vegetable and fruits with just water.

Have you ever wondered ?

Why diseases like cancer, jaundice, heart attacks, skin allergies, high blood pressure, chronic ailments are on the rise ?
Why our immune system collapses with minor change in weather conditions and we are victims to colds, cough, sore throat, fever, etc. 3 - 4 times in a year ?
How can you improve your child's health, stabilize your high blood pressure, reduce heart attack risk, avoid chronic ailments in the family ?
We are what we eat as wisely said. Knowingly or unknowingly we are eating highly contaminated food, contaminated with chemicals (pesticides/ fungicides/ herbicides/weedicides /etc. made to kill insects /pests / fungus for protecting agricultural produce), artificial coatings (oils/waxes made to protect vegetables / fruits till consumption and also for presentation), man handling residues (unhygienic harvesting / transporting / whole selling / retailing), other contaminants, etc. which are the most responsible factors weakening our immune system and making it prone to diseases.
You surely want pure food for you and your family to live healthy and also certainly don't want to spend a fortune on doctors, hospitals, medicine, etc.

Here’s what you must do.

Patented Detoxifying solution
to wash vegetables and fruits.

Removes all surface contaminants including pesticide residue, bacteria, virus, wax, dirt, grime in 1 single wash.

All it takes is 1 minute.

Why Veg Fru Wash ?

World's safest | Based on edible ingredients | Completely human safe.

   Evidence of efficacy of Veg Fru Wash on fresh produce.

   Veg Fru Wash enhances shelf life of washed produce.